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Among the caves…

Dear Reader,

“Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift my soul. O my God, I trust in thee” – Psalm 25:1-2a (King James Version)

We are going on more weeks than I can count of being “at home.” I use that term loosely because what does that really mean anyway.

Some are staying home.

Others are still working.

Some are getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

While others continue to meet together.

This term “stay at home” honestly does not reflect the true state of our worlds. We are a mix of staying at home while continuing to go out.

As I have told you before, I am committed to being honest with you. So, while there is a great deal of concern I have for those who could potentially be harmed by this virus, I am also concerned for those who are forced at home. How are they handling this isolation?

AND all this concern led me to psalm twenty-five today. My soul needed to be refreshed with the truth of these verses.

This psalm is just one of the many psalms written by various authors within the Old Testament of the Bible.

One such author is King David and he penned the twenty-fifth Psalm.

While we do not know much about why or what occasion prompted David to write this Psalm, I like to think it was written during David’s time among the caves. And for our purposes today, we are going to go with that theory.

Long before David was ever the second king of Israel, he was cut off from his people and he feared for his life. For King Saul, whom David was set to replace, hated David. He despised him so much so that he plotted his death.

So, David hid. He made his dwelling among the caves. He lived removed from all the people he knew and loved. He was isolated in an effort to protect his very life.

And if we are honest, our world does not feel much different.

If there was ever a point in history where we could call ourselves a people living among the caves, it is now.

This “stay at home” way of life has pushed us into a place of isolation from those we know and love. We are a people among the caves.

AND I think if we are going to survive our cave life, we need to start putting our trust and hope in the only one who can deliver us out the cave: Jesus.

David goes on to write in Psalm 25…

              “Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. Relieve the troubles of my heart and free me from my anguish…Deliver Israel, O God, from all their troubles!” (Ps 25:16-17, 22)

We are in a trouble and we do not even know which trouble we should fear the most.

The virus?

The government?

What happens to our businesses?

What happens to our children in all this isolation?

Is mental health going to rise?  

Or is there even an end to this long tunnel of “staying at home”?

AND the more we look around, the more we listen to the media or hop on our social networks the more we get confused. The more fear we grab a hold of.

BECAUSE it does not stop.

It’s like watching a train speed on ahead without a care for its destination – we do not know when it will stop.


I imagine David sitting in that cave, penning Psalm twenty-five and thinking, “when will this all stop? How long will I have to live here?”

And the truth is David did not know, and we do not know either.

BUT what David did understand – what he did get – is that ONLY GOD could rescue him.

No government.

No leader.

No amount of science.


And God would rescue David and he would go on to be king. Even maybe one of the greatest earthly kings to have lived.

BUT David had to live in a cave first. AND David needed to see that ONLY God could save him.

AND perhaps, I wonder if that is what this all might be about. What if we are all holed up in our homes because God wants us to believe HIM when he says: ONLY I CAN SAVE.

Only HE can eradicate this virus from the earth.

Only HE can remove any and all corrupt government.

Only HIM.

So, I want to leave you with a challenge today. I do not know where your faith sits – I don’t know if you even believe in God. But maybe if we just said this simple prayer, “deliver, O God.” He would hear from Heaven and deliver his people.

And maybe that is all that is needed here…

A renewed faith in the ONLY one who can save: Jesus.

Deliver, O God…

Kara Jess

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